About Us

Peachy Buy is the brain-child of expert shoppers and friends, Nicole Mandel and Hagit Sharet. Loving the concept of group buying, yet rarely finding deals that were relevant to their lives as moms, Nicole and Hagit decided to create a fun group buying site that promises moms amazing pricing on fabulous events, products, services and experiences. Because marketers know that moms are in charge of virtually all of their household spending dollars, Peachy Buy can secure incredible pricing from vendors who want to access the important "mom market." That's YOU, savvy shopping mama! Happy shopping!

Nicole Mandel

Nicole takes shopping very seriously. In 2008 she wrote a 100 page Master's thesis on the Shopaholic as a cultural motif. Nicole is an expert at creating complex mathematical algorithms that will justify any purchase no matter how insane. "Investment shopping" is Nicole's motto. When she isn't reorganizing her closet, gazing lovingly at her coveted shoe collection, or labelling something, Nicole spends her time sourcing awesome Peachy Buy deals for her Peachy mom subscribers. Nicole has worked as a radio newsroom producer, talk show producer, and even had a stint as the censor for the Canadian Broadcast of the Howard Stern Radio Show. Of course, being the mom of three amazing, gorgeous boys is her most fulfilling, exciting and inspiring job to date!

Hagit Sharet

Being friends with Hagit means never having to pay retail again. Hagit has made it her mission to find the best deals on the best stuff for herself and all her friends, always. Now, Peachy Buy subscribers can be BFFs with her too! When it comes to shopping Hagit means business. She has spent twelve years working in Procurement for some of Canada's most profitable companies and has studied at the Purchasing Management Association of Canada. Being a mom to three beautiful girls, Hagit knows what busy moms like her need, want and use and always works hard to secure amazing pricing for her Peachy mom subscribers. According to Hagit, Oscar Wilde said it best: "Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination." With perseverance and determination, Hagit will continue to find the deals that we all want and didn't know could exist. Managing a household is a challenging job at the best of times. Hagit says: "the educated resourceful shopper is Queen." For the delectable peach cobbler of a deal, Hagit will deliver it, hot, fresh and right to your inbox!